After doing a lot of research on cat diabetes, I kept reading about the use of this product. I figured that I would give it a try. I talked to my vet first. She said that it couldn’t hurt and may help. I started giving my cat, Kosey, two tablets crushed into his evening meal. After a while, I upped it to three tablets. He is a big cat and I felt he could use the extra.
Now, before the Zobaline, his hind legs had become very, very weak. My husband and I were heart-broken for him. Also, his blood glucose levels were sky high and he was up to 9 units of insulin twice a day. After more research on line, I totally took him off the prescription dry and canned food. I went to all good quality canned food only. His blood glucose levels began to drop and drop, and I used less and less insulin. His legs got stronger and stronger. He now has mostly normal glucose levels, takes no insulin, and today he was able to climb up a whole flight of stairs. He had not been able to do that in months! So, I think it’s a combination of getting his glucose levels down, and the Zobaline. I will continue to give to give it to him, and I hope that his hind legs will go back to 100%. He has improved so much at this point, that his quality of life is very good. I would recommend anyone with a diabetic cat to use this product and NEVER,EVER, give their cat any dry food. I hope this helps.

Nancy LaCroix


I’ve been giving Zobaline to my diabetic cat for a year. I found Zobaline after researching for something that would help my cat’s nerve damage, which suddenly had turned severe, especially in his back legs. I would say after about four days of giving him Zobaline twice a day, I saw an improvement, and I think that to this day the nerve damage has not worsened. While Zobaline (or anything else out there) is not a miracle drug for severe, diabetes induced nerve damage in cats, I can confidently say that at least in my cat’s case, Zobaline stopped the damage from worsening, and did reverse it about almost half. To this day my cat can still climb up our bed using his hind legs, and while he won’t win any racing contests, he can walk at a good pace when he’s motivated (i.e. when he knows it’s time for his insulin shot, which means he will get chicken as a reward!

Thank you for making Zobaline, and I hope all pet parents of diabetic cats with nerve damage will give it a try. It may even help prevent nerve damage if given to a cat who’s not yet showing signs, although I can’t speak to that. But I do have another younger, mildly diabetic cat, and I plan to start giving him Zobaline in the near future even if he doesn’t present any signs of nerve damage, in case I can help prevent it.

Thank you for this great product!

Betsy Olson

My 6 year old cat Bogey was diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year. I immediately began reading everything I could so I could help him live as normal a life as possible. One thing that I read was that diabetic cats could begin to suffer from a condition called neuropathy. He didn’t show the symptoms for awhile but soon enough you could see that he started walking poorly. Instead of being up on his toes like cats walk, he was walking more on his heels, you could tell that he was weak, and he couldn’t jump up on anything if it was even a foot off the ground. It was very difficult to watch him struggling like that.  In my reading, I read about a supplement called Zobaline that claimed to reverse the neuropathy. I was willing to try anything. I ordered it immediately and started giving him a pill when I would give him his insulin. It took a few weeks, but little by little, he was walking back up on his toes, he could jump on anything like before, and his gait was completely normal. I’ve continued to give him the Zobaline and the neuropathy has never returned. Zobaline is worth every penny and I will continue to buy it for the rest of his life if need be.

If you guys need anything else from me, just let me know….and thank you!!!

Donna Christensen


Thank you for Merlin’s life.
Just wanted to tell you that Zobaline saved my cat’s life. I thought he had CKD, which is progressive and terminal. I was considering euthanasia for him as he could no longer walk more than two steps without lying down, walked on his hocks for those two struggling steps, was no longer able to sit up or use the litter box without getting the litter stuck to his legs, which means of course that he wouldn’t use the litter box at all.

Still not willing to give him up, especially since the condition did not seem to be progressing in the way CKD does and he did not seem to be in any pain, I did some research on my own and discovered that he was not afflicted with CKD, but actually had diabetic neuropathy. Once I had the proper diagnosis of his condition, a search on treating diabetic neuropathy led me to LifeLink and Zobaline. I was a bit skeptical; would one tiny pill each day bring Merlin back to himself, or was I just having an episode of wishful thinking?

I purchased one bottle, found them very easy to crush and mix with a tiny bit of food (they turn bright pink when mixed with something) and Merlin ate the food the same as if I had not added anything to it. The visible improvement was obvious in less than a month; he could walk eight or ten feet without stopping. Now, after three months of Zobaline, Merlin walks on his toes and beats me to the spot where I put his food down. He sits up again, he’s social with visitors again and has stopped losing weight and is gaining back his muscle mass.

I’m grateful to LifeLink for offering a very effective, very inexpensive treatment that anyone can afford to provide for their diabetic cat.

Angie M  08.29.2013 20:14


Leroy and I both thank you for this amazing product!
I just wanted to tell you that Zobaline for Diabetic Cats has been a god send for my “Leroy”.

He was diagnosed with diabetes approx three years ago. Within the first six months he developed diabetic neuropathy. He was walking on the back side of his legs, could barely make it in or out of his litter box and could no longer climb stairs.

Thankfully I found your company on line and ordered the Zobaline.

Within the first three months of giving it to Leroy he started walking like his old self. Now, not only can he walk normally, he’s back to running up and down the stairs.
Terri G  08.29.2013 20:05


Thanks for this great product and a chance to perk up her quality of life!
Sadie (ur diabetic Lab) has only been taking Zobaline for a week, but I must say that I can see a difference in her already. Last night, she was able to take a walk with me without much resting. She actually walked about 150 yards, and waited just a minute for me to get something and walked all the way back without even sitting down. She then climbed our garage steps (6 or 7) into our house with ease. Once she was in the house, she was understandably exhausted but she has not been able to accomplish that in at least a year.

I am hopeful that she will continue to improve so I will log on and order two more bottles.

Towanda, PA
Robin E. 07.22.2013 15:32


Incredible results – shocked
My diabetic cat started showing neuropathy symptoms over 2 months ago, but I didn’t know what it was. I thought he was dying. By the time I’d discovered the problem, he could barely walk, couldn’t scratch his ear with his back leg without falling over, and couldn’t jump at all, even a short 16″. I started him on Zobaline less than one week ago (on the 17th). It is now the 22nd and he is already able to jump on his bed, he can walk just about normally, he is actually walking all over the place now, and looks incredibly happier. It’s been less than a week and I’m just shocked. His diabetes is NOT in control yet, so this is purely the B12 working, in my opinion.

I have been using Greenies Pill Pockets for a couple of years now when I’ve had to medicate my cats – they LOVE them. I just put the tablet in a Pill pocket, close it up and he gobbles it up. No crushing necessary.

I expected there to be at least a month before there was any improvement. I actually ordered the human equivalent of this form of B12 (Methylcobalamin) after I saw what amazing results this produced since I have nerve issues in my back from disc disease.
Vince  07.13.2013 14:37


Wonderful product!!
My princess started walking on her hocks and could no longer jump up anywhere. That was our only clue to diabetes. A complete change in diet reversed it but the legs were no better. Went online, found this product and within a few days she was back to normal! We stopped giving it after 6 months and she started having difficulty again, but no diabetes. Reordered and she is again jumping and running. Thank you iLifelink and Zobaline!!!
Alexandra  05.09.2013 18:42


Zobaline WORKS! We’re HAPPY!
Our cat was diagnosed with diabetes and his hind legs were weakening. I went online and found Life Link – Zobaline. I have been giving him the Zobaline for exactly 1 week today. This morning we saw him running and playing with our other cat. Please try this product for your cat. He/she will definitely feel better. Oh and the customer service at Life Link is exceptional.
Dyneece  05.06.2013 19:31


Great Product! Great Customer Service!
I ordered this product based on reviews. My cat was diagnosed as a diabetic and I knew nothing about this. I did notice his back legs weakening. So I Googled the condition and LifeLink came up. I ordered the product. It was shipped out quickly and I received it in 2 days. I had some questions for the sales person (David) and he acted promptly and very courteous. I have only been giving my cat the Zobaline for 4 days and I already see a huge change in him. He gets his insulin injection and his Zobaline. He’s getting back to his old self. Thanks LifeLink. I will definitely be ordering again.
Denise Wright  03.22.2013 18:26


Zobaline Endorsement from Quincy, MA
“When my cat started suffering with diabetic neuropathy in her hind quarters, I looked on the web to see if there was anything that could help her and I learned about Zobaline. This product has been an incredible blessing for my cat! After about 4 weeks, she had noticeable improvement in her gait and stamina. After using Zobaline for a few months, she still has neuropathy but is able to move about with a strength and agility I thought she had lost forever. She can go down and UP stairs, jump on the couch and even on the bed, which is pretty high. Thank you for this amazing product which really turned things around for the better!
Melissa  03.22.2013 4:28


Amazing results!
Our 16 year old Yukon had such hind leg weakness to where he lost 30% body weight and couldn’t walk more than a few steps at a time, let alone jump. After one month of insulin, no improvement. Then, upon adding Zobaline, dramatic improvement in 1-2 weeks and in 3 he was jumping again. He did well on just Zobaline (no insulin) for about 3 months before we started noticing slight signs of decline. We now resumed insulin, and are trying once a day instead of twice, plus Zobaline once a day, and can easily skip a few doses of insulin without negative blood sugar effects. If I had to guess, I would attribute 1/3 of the success to insulin, and 2/3 to Zobaline.
tristanl  01.21.2013 2:42


We call this a “magic pill”.
A couple of months after starting insulin, our cat still walked on his hocks and couldn’t jump on the bed. Within a few days after starting Zobaline, he improved and now walks and jumps normally. He has taken Zobaline for 6 months now and shows no signs of neuropathy. We call Zobaline our magic pill.



Great Product!!
Before I found this product I thought we were on the fast road to having to put my cat down. He could hardly walk anymore. After taking (Zobaline) this product he is now walking and jumping normal again. This product saved my baby!!

Leslie  07 .19.2012 3:57


cat gobbles it up
Her neuropathy is better, but the amazing thing is that she eats it like a treat. she does not like being pilled, so i just thought i would present it to her in my hand & she gobbles it up. very nice selling point.
big country  05.03.2012 16:26


My cat was having neuropathy in his rear leg. He was struggling with walking, but within one month all signs of the neuropathy were gone. He has been on Zobaline for 5 years and has shown no signs of neuropathy (he was on Xobaline at first).
scoker  02.06.2012 21:35


It really works
My cat is has been on Zobaline for about 3 months and shows no signs of neuropathy anymore.
djslipside  03.23.2011 16:16


It works, hands down.
My cat suffered SEVERE neuropathy, it is clearing up beautifully. He needs more than the recommended dosage, but he can jump again, before he could not walk more than 5 steps at a time.