LifeLink’s Xobaline formula has been a part of our line for 15 years.   There was a clear need for an easy to use and effective B-12 supplement for older consumers and vegetarians.  Comprised of 3 mg of methylcobalamin and 200 mcg of folic acid that could be consumed in a sub-lingual manner, Xobaline was just what the doctor ordered for those looking to increase their B-12 levels and wanting to forgo the expense and inconvenience to injections.

When we started receiving calls about the use of Xobaline in cats suffering diabetic neuropathy, our initial reaction was, “Huh?”Over the years, we saw the feline applications come to match the human application.  We received calls from those using it for cats concerning the use of fructose and lactose (both sugars), it was pointed out that this could possibly be detremental to cats with diabetes.  And while this has never been observed, we heard the concerns and acted upon them.  That was how Xobaline with an “X” became Zobaline with a “Z.”  The feline formula contains no sugars whatsoever.  And why should it?  Cats were not going to use the tablets in a sublingual manner.  (Still, we would pay handsomely to see a cat sit and suck on a Xobaline tablet under its tongue!)

LifeLink was founded in 1992 and our line has been focused on life extension, cognitive enhancement, as well as general well being.  Finding ourselves being in the veterinary supplement side of things, even with this one item, was something of a surprise.  But what a pleasant surprise it has been.

High does of B-12 are beneficial to human suffering from diabetic neuropathy, that’s in the literature.  However, for cats?  Well, that was an application that we didn’t see coming and it was brought to us by Laurie Ulrich, better known as “Jasper’s mom.”  It was Laurie, who after getting no help in treating her beloved Jasper, decided to do her own research and contacted us for Xobaline.  We have always been impressed with her direct action approach and her tireless efforts on the part of cat lovers everywhere.  What she set out to do in an effort to treat Jasper has benefited many.  The rest is, as they say, history.

Zobaline for Cats is effective and has dramatically improved the health, mobility and quality of life for tens of thousands of cats around the world.  We’re glad to provide and only wish we’d thought of it!

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